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Saturday, October 29, 2011

10 Things About Me

1) I don't have a car because I prefer to commute.
2) Don't force me to wear jeans/pants else, I'll knock you down.
3) I only have my haircut once or twice a year so get used to it.
4) I'm not shopaholic but I know where to get the best and cheapest deals - Divi of course!
5) By default, I am a happy, friendly and gullible person.
6) I seldom get mad.
7) I can play the guitar but don't expect that I can tune one.
8) I accept NO as an answer as long as it is a valid reason and not an excuse.
9) I'm easy to please. Even a corny joke can make me laugh (really!)
10) Don't get me drunk unless you can handle an insane and hyperactive british accent lady.

Friday, June 10, 2011

1st Quarter! :)

Can't believe's been a YEAR! Sobrang busy sa work??? Hahahaha. At dahil doon, nagkasakit ako since last Dec 2010. :'(

Costochondritis, back pains, ovarian cyst.....grabe! Thank God I was able to survive each illness...although now I already have scoliosis and there are limited activities that I can do. Pero deep inside me there will always be faith that God will heal me compltely one day. :)

I'm also grateful that even though I've been physically unwell, my career is still doing great. Iba lang siguro talaga kapag may "passion" sa work (at "inspiration" raw). =D

What's new? Hmmm... I now have a very affectionate and playful beagle named "Hachi". I even created her own blog. Hahahaha adik na kung adik!

Pumayat rin daw ako....Well sino ba naman ang hindi papayat kung mag-diet ka at puro fruits and veggies lang ang kainin for a month! :) Pero the good thing is, effective siya at nawala talaga yung cyst ko.

As always, I dedicate every success to God, my family, true friends (and true love). =D

Now that I'm 25, things will become more challenging but I would still look forward to the coming years with courage. Afterall, palaban talaga si Amae. ;)