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Monday, May 17, 2010

Going Up or Going Down?

MAY na!!! Sa wakas nasundan rin ang aking previous entry. :) Hindi naman masyadong obvious na naging busy ako sa work. Hehe...

This month is filled with mixed emotions. Naging malungkot ako dahil overwhelming ang work load to the point na halos araw-araw ay nagpupuyat na kami ng mga ka-team ko. Hindi man artista ay may mga intriga ring kinaharap ang bidang kontrabida. Friendship almost lost. Obviously, all these things manifest that I am heading down - physically, intellectually and emotionally. (Forgive me for being emotera.)

Buti na lang nadyan si Bro. With His guidance I was able to BREAK THE FALL.
There comes a time when you realize that problems are not there to bring you down rather exists to help you rise. That's why God gives opportunity for "special mistakes". These kind of mistakes make us better persons.

Besides, kapag masyado ka nang DOWN, wala nang ibang direksyon kundi UP, db?

Thank God talaga may magaganda ring nangyari this month... :) I got promoted and it's my 3rd year yesterday May 16, the Project is getting back on-track, I was able to finish my 'secret' mission last week, I will be able have another bonding time with my College friends this June (after ilang years? At dahil dyan makapagpost nga ng college pics! hehe) and most of all, I am looking forward to my Singapore Trip on my birthday, for a change! :)

Yes I think it's time to reward myself somehow considering all the events I've been through since the start of the month. At the end of the day, I can still say that everything was worth it. No regrets, just lessons :)

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